Computerised Wheel Alignment

At SWSS, we know how incorrect wheel alignment can impact on the safety of your vehicle, making it hard to steer and handle on the road.

Simple actions such as driving over a potholes or colliding with a kerb are primary causes. It is important that the vehicle is checked annually. Doing so will ensure the safety of your car and could even save you money on fuel.

We use advanced technology in order to measure any degree of un-alignment. To do so, we attach a clamp with a specialist camera to each wheel. Each clamp communicates in order to gather a precise picture of the alignment of each wheel. Using this technology we are able to ensure that wheels are in the perfect position and ready for the road.

How can you spot the problem?

A common symptom of unaligned wheels is tyre wear. If your car appears to have premature tyre wear on the inside or outside shoulder, do no hesitate to contact us for a service.